Darwin's best market: Parap Market

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Parap Market
Open: Saturday morning

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Parap Shopping village
Darwin, Northern Territory
Country: Australia

Darwin's most charming market, Parap operates throughout the year every Saturday morning. It takes over every ounce of spare space in the Parap Shopping Village. Parap is an inner suburb of Darwin, only ten minutes by car from the CBD so its easily reached.
If you plan to eat at Parap Market you definitely need a friend. Tables are scarce but, once located, very pleasant because most are the under the shady trees that help make this market so delightful. So, do a tour and agree what it is you'd like to eat then place yourself strategically near a table of people that look like they might be about to finish. Glower if necessary although in laid back Darwin it won't do you much good.
Eventually, you'll score and then when that happens it's time to start foraging - but always leaving someone who has a proprietorial air about them in charge. It really is worth taking the time to find that base. What you eat will taste far more delicious if you don't have to manage swapping bowls standing up.
Highlights for us include Bobby's stall, where he grills sates over charcoal, dramatically fanning his fire. We also liked the som tum made by the lady who also sells delicious sweet meats, such as coconut sticky rice with palm sugar and steamed rice cakes. Also a fixture is Jackie's Malaysian Laksa. Laksa is everywhere in Darwin and this is possibly the best.
The market operates every Saturday between 7.30 am - 1.30 pm.

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