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Dalat Aw Taw Kaw (Or Tor Kor) HeartHeart

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Chatuchak Park, off Thanon Phahonyothin
Country: Thailand

The Aw Taw Kaw (Or Tor Kor) market is one of the 'must visit' places on our annual pilgrimage to one of the world's greatest food cities!
Most tourists manage to navigate their way to the famous Chatuchak market where they buy cheap tee-shirts and other trinkets which they can take back home to validate their trip.
Little do they realise that lurking nearby is one of the world's great food markets.
Literally a ten minute walk and a quick and heart-stopping race across a very busy road and you are at the entrance to the market. (The new underground railway makes it so much easier as you can arrive in air-conditioned comfort and catch the escalator right to the front of the market! You get off at the Kamphaeng Phet station then take exit 3.)
Once inside your senses are assaulted by the best of the best of Thai food offerings. Whether it is fresh fruit, fresh vegetables or cooked delights they are all here.
We usually start with the juice stall at the end of the market where they have drinks that are perfect for the climate such as the lovely tamarind drink that seems to make you oblivious to the oppressive heat.
Once fortified with this refreshing drink you can then start to sample the cooked food nearby that is of such high quality.
Small, round, sour, fermented pork sausages from northern Thailand are one of the most amazing food sensations you are likely to experience anywhere.
We have also tried massive prawns with a citrus and chilli dipping sauce that were sensational. On another occasion we sampled Isaan mushroom soup with sticky rice, noodles with green vegetables and chicken soup, a soup with duck and duck's blood with bean sprouts and some perfectly ripe Sala fruit.
But there are just so many other great foods as well. While we are writing this review we are looking through the myriad photographs we have of the market and the cooked food. There are dumplings, there are meats on bamboo skewers. There are curries, there are roast meats there are fruits. It is a fairyland of perfect foods!
Many of the stalls are turning to organic supplies and some even have their own farms in the Provinces. If you are after a pomello, for example, look for the most famous which come from the Nakonpratom province. Another stallholder sells long-stemmed durian that are grown organically on her own farm in Rayong province (changwat) in eastern Thailand.
If you go to Bangkok, make sure you don't miss out on this wonderful treat!
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