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Open: Lunch and dinner Tue - Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6778 9758
Address: 23 Quadrant Mall
Launceston, Tasmania, 7250
Country: Australia

Pachinko is a bright and airy Japanese restaurant in the Quadrant Mall in Launceston where you will find the best ramen dishes in Tasmania.
Over the past decades we have seen many food venues come and go in the Quadrant Mall. We were therefore delighted to find a ramen bar had opened. It is very difficult to locate good ramen dishes in Tasmania so we made a visit to Pachinko a high priority.
It is a pleasant venue and the staff are very welcoming which was a good start to our visit.
Menus were brought promptly along with glasses of water.
There is outside seating but we opted for an inside table so that we could see more of the action.
After a quick perusal of the menu we ordered two different styles of dish, one a shoyu ramen and the other based on a miso stock.
The first dish was described as shoyu ramen, pork scotch chashu, soft shoyu egg, black mushroom and mizuna.
The shoyu ramen was based on a very flavoursome stock. The deep flavour was assisted by the addition of Japanese soy sauce which is often based on a ferment of soy beans and wheat. The thin noodles were of a good texture. The pork scotch had been braised (hence the word chashu in the description) until it was very, very tender and full of flavour. The cut was from the fatty part of the shoulder and was perfect for this dish. As can be seen from the accompanying photo the egg was cooked perfectly, the black mushrooms added further texture and the mizuna (Japanese mustard greens) added a light tang to the mix of flavours. This was a very good dish!
The second dish was described as miso ramen, marinated tofu, enoki and black mushroom, soft shoyu egg, radish.
This was a vegetarian option that was quite flavoursome. The tofu was almost creamy in a very good way with the enoki and radish adding texture to the dish.
The service was very good with the welcome being warm and genuine and the service attentive. For example at one point our waiter asked if we liked chilli and when we answered in the affirmative a plate of delicious chilli sauce was placed on the table to add to our bowls of ramen.
We enjoyed our meal so much that we dropped in for dinner on another trip to Launceston. Once again the food hit the mark beautifully.
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