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Open: Lunch and dinner Tue - Sun
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 8 9328 3332
Address: 458 William St
Perth, West Australia, 6000
Country: Australia

We just love Wines of While in Perth! Within weeks of opening it felt like an institution. Hospitality, generosity, a wonderful wine selection and delicious food. Life changing if you live in Perth for far more than just the hipster crowd. It has settled in as an important neighborhood drop-in and meeting place that appeals to people of all ages.
There are spaces that are just right no matter why you are there. Young couples can slide into a table behind the wine racks and have a quiet conversation. Single diners can join others at the shared central table and join in the inevitable conviviality. Or, if you want to be seen, the outside tables are perfect for enjoying the sunshine and chatting to passers-by.
The name of the venue suggests that wine is an important part of the offering. Sam Winfield has put together an eclectic collection of organic, biodynamic and natural wines that range across the spectrum from clean, clear and delicious to those that are more on the fringe but which are equally delicious for those who seek out such wines. There is literally something for everyone and the staff are happy to choose the right wine for you.
And Wines of While is not just about wine. As well as the already famous white beans, lifted with lemon zest which everyone in Perth recommended, there are some excellent vegetable dishes like a plate of radicchio and endive leaves with grated bottarga, pasta (the chilli-spiked arrabiata went brilliantly with Ivo Ferreira’s Le Blanc, macerated Muscat à Petit Grain and Grenache Blanc), charcuterie and on the nights we were there lemon tart.
Make this place what you want ... a quick apero, a full on dinner (provided you order by 9pm) or an after dinner drinking spot. All bases are covered.

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