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Xi'an Dumplings HeartHeart
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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 452 043 974
Address: 135 Bathurst St
Hobart, Tasmania, 7000
Country: Australia

Xi'an Dumplings is one of our favourite Hobart restaurants. We come here for flavoursome dumplings and brilliant Biang Biang flat noodle dishes which explode with flavour.
The food is from the city of Xi'an which is the capital of the Shaanxi Province in central China which is best known for the famous Bingmayong known in English as the terracotta army. For those with a love of Chinese opera Xi'an is also the birthplace of Qinqiang opera.
But now to the food served at this modest restaurant. First a diversion. On a recent trip to Europe we returned via London so that we could call in to see our friend Will Gleave who had just opened his restaurant Bright to critical acclaim. When we asked his friends where we should eat while in London almost everyone said Xi'an Impression which is beloved by the restaurant industry there. We went and we were very impressed. The food was excellent with the Biang Biang noodles being a standout.
We returned to Hobart and the following week, while that meal was fresh in our minds, we decided to visit Xi'an Dumplings.
We were delighted to find that the noodles here were just as good and skillfully prepared as those in London. These thick, rag-like noodles are hand pulled and hand torn into wide strips and served with a sauce very similar to a chilli version of a Bolognaise sauce.
A general point to make here is that as you go further north and west in China rice gives way to wheat and lamb meat is favoured over pork.
And it is the wheat that is used to make the iconic buns which are served with either a ragu of beef or lamb. The version here is very good and stacks up well against those that we were lucky enough to try at Xi'an Dumpling House in Shanghai in the past.
The other dish that we love at Xi'an Dumplings is a large bowl of very hot (in both respects) soup that is loaded with beautiful dumplings of your choice.
We can thoroughly recommend this congenial place.

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