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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: Place Devoluy
Chatillon-en-Diois, 26410
Country: France

What makes us drive more than half way across France (from Angers in the Loire Valley to Châtillon-en-Diois in the dramatic Vercors National Park in the northern section of the Drome) for lunch?
The answer is because Pierre Jancou has moved to this remote and beautiful village with its dramatic backdrop of forest-clad mountains from Paris where he was well-known for his no-compromise restaurants such as Vivant, Racines, Achille and La Crèmerie which featured dishes based on exceptional produce and wine lists highlighting edgy natural wines almost all of which have no added sulphites.
Jancou has restored a roadside café in the heart of the village and is serving his trademark "simple" food and natural wines. We dined here one week after he opened and the place was buzzing!
And now we will provide some highlights of our meal.

The cafe

Right in the centre of town, the cafe offers inside and outside seating.

The lunch menu the day we visited

The simple, yet satisfying, lunch menu on the day we visited Cafe des Alpes. The onion tart was simple yet satisfying. The Assiette of vegetables were a delight to look at and to eat. The stuffed peppers were a perfect lunch time dish and the chocolate tart was incredibly savoury.

Assiette of vegetables

The assiette of vegetables was summer on a plate! The fresh fennel was particularly impressive.

Stuffed peppers with veal

The stuffed peppers were enhanced by a complex sauce. The stuffing was incredibly tasty enhanced by minced veal and very fresh pine nuts.

Pierre Jancou

At the end of the meal Pierre served us his delicious Italian coffee.

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