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Yard Wine Bar Heart
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Open: Evenings daily from 5pm
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 40 09 70 30
Address: 6 Rue de Mont-Louis
Paris, 75011
Country: France

Yard Wine Bar is the sibling of the much-lauded Yard Restaurant and sits next door. Here the food and wine program is designed for a relaxed, not-too-expensive evening where you can enjoy excellent food from top providores and a stunning array of natural wines at prices that encourage you to visit time after time.
One of the reasons we headed here was the presence of a chef whose food we have long admired, Svante Forstorp. And, of course, we were not disappointed.
We were served a range of incredibly tasty dishes including arancini cacio et poivre, fermented radish and cucumber, potato croquettes, tofu with tomato and ginger, gaspacho with red currants, mozzarella with fermented Chinese cabbage, tartare à la Vietnamese, kebab of duck hearts with excellent pita made à la minute.
And a wine list to wallow in. We drank the just-released 2017 Cornelissen Susucaru before sighting a wine from Loire genius Jean-Pierre Robinot - his Le Charme De Loire 2007, a Chenin Blanc of exceptional quality. Only 12.5% with a freshness that belies the fact that it is 11 years old, it was quite the perfect wine for a hot Paris night while listening to the cleverly chosen vinyl on the turntable including The Awakening from the Ahmad Jamal Trio which was recorded in new York in 1970.

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