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Baker & Co HeartHeart
Food store
Tasmania country
Open: Fri - Sat, Sun Hobart Farm Gate Market

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 409 500 187
Address: 3 Church St
Geeveston, Tasmania, 7109
Country: Australia

Baker & Co is a small patisserie in Geeveston in southern Tasmania that creates delicious cakes and pies using the best of local produce. Yet another reason to visit this "Forest Town" which boasts a number of interesting food outlets including the delicious sushi at Masaaki's and the hearty meals and expertly-made desserts at The Old Bank. All are in the same street which is no surprise as there aren't many streets!
On the day we visited the table behind the counter was groaning under a huge bunch of bright-pink rhubarb that had just been delivered. In fact we bought a rhubarb tart that was absolutely delicious but couldn't buy any pies because they had all sold out.
For those who can't find the time to drive down to Geeveston, Baker & Co have a stand at the Farm Gate Market in Hobart each Sunday.
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