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Flinders Island Olive Oil
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6359 8464
Address: 504 Killiecrankie Rd
Killiecrankie, Tasmania, 7255
Country: Australia

Flinders Island Olive Oil is a high quality, organic product from the beautiful island to the north-east of Tasmania in the wild Bass Strait. Not only is the oil certified organic (NASAA), it is also Extra Virgin and processed on the island.
The olive grove was established by Jude Cazaly and Mary-Anne Roberts starting in 2001 and is the only commercial olive grove on the island covering some 3.5 hectares with 1100 mainly Frantolo and Leccino trees.
Note that there are some small non-commercial plantings on the island from which a Flinders Island Blend product is made and released under this label.

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