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Teuchi Toru Soba Bar HeartHeart
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Open: Lunch Thu - Mon
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 075-213-1512
Address: 35-1 Matsuya-cho, Nijo-dori Higashinotoin-higashi-iru
Country: Japan

Teuchi Toru Soba Bar serves some of the best soba noodles we have ever tried. It is only a tiny bar so you might have to line up for a while, but the seats turn over quickly. It is amazing to watch the skill of the chef from the vantage point of the tiny bar where you are so close to the action.
Now we should preface our remarks by pointing out the skill required to make soba noodles. They are made from 100% buckwheat which is notoriously difficult to manage. If you don't make them exactly right they break up badly during the cooking process.
Many places use a well known trick to stop this happening, namely adding about 20% of normal flour to the buckwheat flour to help it hold together. This is not what happens here. The noodles are made from 100% buckwheat flour so that diners are able to savour the true flavour that the buchwheat affords.
We visit this site as Yoramu Sake Bar where the knowledgeable owner dispenses his widom about the range of sake on offer each evening. The next morning the space transforms into the Teuchi Toru Soba Bar for the midday service.
Toru makes the soba noodles by hand each morning with 100% buckwheat. They are truly delicious, chewy and textured enough to soak up the dipping sauce which you season with wasabi and finely sliced scallions. You can add a side of grated daikon and/or mucilaginous grated yam topped with a raw egg yolk. Yellow on white, this last side dish, photographed in the tiny, beautiful menu book, looks like it is going to be a fried egg to the uninitiated (us). Once you've eaten the noodles you can add some of the soba cooking water to the last of the dipping sauce to make a soup.
Toru's speed, energy and focus are extraordinary as single-handedly he puts each person's order together, especially considering he's started the day so early to make the soba.

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