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Kappo Sakamoto Heart
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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +81 75-551-2136
Address: EF Building 1F Gion Sueyoshi-cho, Higashi
Country: Japan

Kappo Sakamoto in Kyoto was the venue for a delicious lunch at the counter in this tiny restaurant overlooking the tree-lined Shirakawa River which feeds into Kyoto's main Kamo River. It must be even more extraordinary in spring when the cherry blossoms bloom.
Our meal started with a quite perfect single umeboshi, immediately followed by a plate on which sat a red flower with egg yolk that had been cured in miso. An extraordinary flavour and texture.
Next came a soup with some pieces of charred leek floating on it and a ball that appeared to be like a chawanmushi but could have been the silkiest of tofu. Anyway we wished we'd learned more about this dish but were too busy enjoying it to ask.
And then came a wooden box in which is the restaurant's signature dish of yuba. You remove the yuba from where it's simmering in a broth kept hot by charcoal piece by piece and eat it with a dipping sauce (kept warm in a teapot) and seasoned with wasabi and spring onions served on the side. Finally you drink the last of the dipping sauce with some of the broth. Very interactive dining!

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