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Sushi-Kappo Nakaichi Heart
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Open: Lunch & dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +81 75 531 2778
Address: 570-196 Gionmachi-minamigawa
Country: Japan

Sushi-Kappo Nakaichi is an excellent venue close to the centre of Kyoto in the Higashiyama Ward. As the name implies you go here for sushi and other small plate dishes that venture outside the sushi and sashimi paradigm. Most of the customers on the night we were here were local, however the owner is very keen to accommodate people who live outside Japan because he is so proud of the local food.
We very much enjoyed the sushi at Sushi-Kappo Nakaichi as well as the sashimi and other small dishes. And the miso soup with the most delicious tiny mushrooms was a perfect dish to sample throughout the meal.
Our meal included Kyoto-style pickled mackerel, which unlike all the other pieces is prepared in advance and cut from a larger piece to serve.
Sitting at the counter you're very close to the action and we were very grateful for the English descriptions of what we were eating.
We also need to learn much more about when to cut and when not. A piece of horse mackerel, for example, has a deep cut which is then used to further season the fish with ginger, spring onion and a little sesame oil.
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