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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: New Town, Tasmania, 7008
Country: Australia

Ruckus Fried Chicken sits in a quiet corner of a very busy suburban shopping centre - a place we would normally avoid at all costs. However, two young enterprising industry players have opened a very good fried chicken and hamburger outlet here with views over the Derwent River that make you forget that you are where you are!
On a sunny winter's day we thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the sunshine a tucking into some expertly cooked chicken thighs and onion rings while sipping a natural pet nat from the Loire Valley. Incongruous and delicious!
Ruckus is now firmly established as a favourite place for us to head when we crave for honest food prepared with skill and care. The evolution of the restaurant has been fascinating to watch. They have always sourced the best produce from the best organic producers (think Rocky Tops Farm) and even though chicken is the headline act here, we can dine entirely on the vegetable side dishes due to the cleverness of the combination of vegetables and sauces that are constantly changing with the seasons and availability of produce.
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