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All About Eggs Heart
New York

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Country: United States

All About Eggs is a collaboration between Rachel Khong and her fellow editors at the estimable Lucky Peach magazine. Khong writes the linking pieces and then it is over to experts from around the globe to pen short essays on themes ranging from Nina Bai's exploration of the structure of an egg, to Anna Ling Kaye's word pictures of the egg tart from Portugal to Hong Kong to Harold McGee's scientific approach to how to peel an egg. All are well written and informative.
There are also many (over 80) very good recipes dotted through the book. There is a novel way of cataloguing these recipes through the inclusion of a colour photograph of each in the centre of the book along with a detailed index which sits after the photographs.
The index is useful if you want to find egg recipes from particular countries. For example the index entry for the Philippines contains entries for the baked bread topped with salted duck egg called Bibingka and battered quail eggs on a stick called Kwek Kwek. Similarly France sees entries ranging from Aioli to the famous Arpege Eggs, to Quiche Lorraine and finally Souffle. Japan also gets a fair run with seven recipes including a delicious Chawanmushi and two for Tomago.
We like the fact that there is a nice story accompanying every recipe.
We think that this is an incredibly useful and enjoyable book that should be in every food lover's library.
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