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Tom McHugo's HeartHeart
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Open: Lunch and dinner Mon - Sat
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6231 4916
Address: 87 Macquarie St
Hobart, Tasmania, 7000
Country: Australia

Tom McHugo's is a traditional pub in the centre of Hobart where the food is classic pub fare - but done very well and representing incredible value for money.
But please remember that this is a pub and we want it to stay that way. There are very few pubs in Tasmania that serve good food, so this is a real treasure. But this place is accessible for everyone due to the prices so we don't want customers to force it to go upmarket. It has good food cooked with skill at very reasonable prices and we celebrate that!
Let's face it - a sirloin steak with chips, both of which are done very well for $12 is amazing value!
And, to make it even more exciting the man at the stoves here is Tom Westcott who we first came across when he cooked at Garagistes with Luke Burgess. He then went on to make the West End Pumphouse a dining destination with his innovative dishes that were always packed with flavour, often using fermented ingredients for added interest.
We have become obsessed with the whole flounder with herb butter and sliced baked potatoes with onion and sage. It is always cooked to perfection - never overcooked, always exactly right. The fish is fresh and succulent and the potato a fine accompaniment.
We recently also enjoyed a spelt grain risotto with baked swede that was a riot of flavour. This is a perfect example of how a vegetable and grain dish can be a pub favourite.
The wine list is short and interesting (see our disclaimer below) and the beer offerings are exciting due to front-of-house manager Whitney's long held interest in this area.
This is going to be a "once-a-week" eating place for us!


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