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The Wharf Fish and Chips
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Tasmania country
Open: Daily September - May, Mon - Sat other months
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: The Gulch
Bicheno, Tasmania
Country: Australia

The Wharf Fish and Chips at The Gulch in Bicheno is one of the most beguiling places to eat fresh fish in Tasmania. All the fish is fresh and you can choose the piece you would like them to cook. You can even gorge on a freshly cooked crayfish!
This is a remarkable place as fresh fish is very hard to find in Tasmania. Most of the catch is sent straight to the wholesalers in Melbourne where it may then be sent back to shops in Tasmania! Some of the boats that do supply places directly usually freeze the fish when it is caught. It is rare to find a place where they catch the fish and sell it fresh such as here.
We love sitting on the terrace in front of the tiny work area watching the birds soaring over the granite outcrops and the fishing boats bobbing and swaying in the protected waters of the Gulch.

The Wharf fish and chips at Bicheno

In front of this building is the outside area where you can enjoy your freshly cooked fish and chips while gazing at the action in The Gulch.

Freshly cooked fish and chips

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