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Timbre Kitchen
Restaurants and bars
Tasmania country
Open: Lunch Wed - Sun, dinner Fri - Sat
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6330 3677
Address: Velo Wines, 755 West Tamar Highway
Legana, Tasmania, 7277
Country: Australia

Timbre Kitchen is a restaurant within the Velo Wines complex, but run independently. It is a pleasant venue with windows facing the vineyard and the Tamar River. The service is pleasant and the food interesting.
We have only been once but the food we ate was flavoursome and interesting. It was great to see one of the classics as an entrée. We have always been very keen on devilled eggs and the version we ate at Timbre Kitchen was excellent, despite some unnecessary frippery such as a dark sauce and some strands of greens that added little to the dish. The flavour of the eggs, however, was excellent and the topping of sesame seeds added a little crunch to the dish.
We also enjoyed the raw beef with fennel salt, nori pieces, smoked oyster emulsion and pickled shallots. The sauce perfectly complimented the raw beef.
We accompanied our meal with Tasmania's best apple cider, Red Sails Wild Cider. This drink is made from heritage cider apples that are organically grown. The cider is fermented with wild yeasts thus giving it added depth of flavour. It is also bottled without the use of preservatives. We wish that more cider makers would be brave enough to make their cider this way.
For our main courses we chose the Timbre tonkatsu with a side dish of pickled cabbage and steamed whitefish with ponzu and cos lettuce. Both of these were cooked expertly and while the tonkatsu didn't reach the dizzy heights of a recent meal at Butagumi in Tokyo it was still very good. The fish was fresh and flavoursome and was served very simply.
For dessert, we continued the Japanese theme and ordered the miso semifreddo with brown butter and peanut butter even though we were doubtful that this combination would work. It did!
We left happy having enjoyed the atmosphere, the service and, most importantly, the food. We look forward to our next visit here.

Devilled eggs

Raw beef with oyster emulsion

Pork tonkatsu

Cabbage salad served with the pork

Steamed fish with cos lettuce


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