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Open: Lunch Fri - Sun, dinner Tue - Sun
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 2 8937 2530
Address: 362 Oxford Street
Paddington, New South Wales
Country: Australia

One of the most exciting seafood restaurants in Sydney is Saint Peter in Paddington where talented chef Josh Niland plies his trade with some very interesting dishes.
We were delighted with our visit here. The fish was perfectly ready to eat (which is different to very fresh - sometimes fish needs to rest for a few days at low temperature after being killed to get through rigor mortis).
We started with the star dish of sea urchins (from southern New South Wales on the day we were there) served in their shell alongside a crumpet cooked in a one egg fry pan. We scopped the urchin pieces (uni) out of the shell and slathered them on the crumpet. It was delicious.
Next up were sweet and sour sardines on toast which saw three sardines on their toast chariots swimming across the plate. We are always nervous about sweet and sour dishes as many chefs do not appreciate the deftness required to perfectly balance the sweetand sour elements in such a dish, but here we needn't have worried. The balance was perfect.
We ended with a delicious dish of marron with scambled eggs.
This is a great venue with a very talented chef. Some of the dishes are shown below.

The crumpet with Uni at Saint Peter

The uni is removed from the shell, cleaned and then the three lobes are returned to the shell for serving

Removing the uni from the shell

Sardines "swimming" on the plate

Scampi with scrambled egg

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