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Epicerie l’ideal
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Open: Closed Sunday and Monday

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 9 80 39 99 41
Address: 11 rue d'Aubagne
Marseille, Provence, 13001
Country: France

Epicerie l’ideal in Marseille serves informal lunches (sandwiches, salads, etc) and is a perfect place for stocking up for cooking in your holiday home or apartment. Nardin anchovies and other good quality tinned seafood, Bordier butters and yoghurt, Memmi poutargue (bottarga), La Guinelle Banyuls vinegar, charcuterie from France and Italy (including lardo de Colonnata), good fruit and vegetables, a good range of Japanese, north African and Italian products and even some natural wines, including Domaine Milan, which we import, and the cult Austrian wines from Gut Oggau. It’s a food lover’s fairy land.

Epicerie-l?ideal in Marseille


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