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Open: Open daily 8am - midnight

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 2 9281 2114
Address: 1/425 Pitt Street
Haymarket, New South Wales, 2000
Country: Australia

Boon Café has become a regular haunt of ours ever since it was opened by the owners of the insanely popular Chat Thai. We go for breakfast and coffee, we go for lunch and we pop in for a late night snack. Everything is delicious and based on excellent ingredients.
For breakfast we usually start out with an espresso coffee made from beans supplied by Single Origin Roasters. Then we have the ginger congee with added thousand year egg - a dish that has great depth of flavour. We usually accompany the congee with a frsh cold pressed juice made from seasonal greens, herbs and fruit which we add a shot of freshly pressed tumeric as well. This is a very refreshing drink. Another dish that we also order often is Kai Gatah which sees pan-baked eggs served with smoked fish sausage, chicken mince, sliced pork and sausage loaf.
The café is also situated inside an extensive produce store run by the same group. Here you can find lots of fresh produce (much of it sourced from their own organic farm) along with packaged food products.

A breakfast dish of pan-baked eggs with smoked fish sausage, chicken mince, sliced pork & sausage loaf

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