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Melshell Oysters
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6257 0269
Address: Yellow Sandbanks Rd
Dolphin Sands, Tasmania, 7190
Country: Australia

Melshell Oysters is one of the surprising Tasmanian hidden gems. As you drive along the beautiful East Coast highway, just north of Swansea you will see a sign pointing to this place and you divert along a country road that follows a sand spit culminating in dunes lining the spot where Kings Bay meets Coles Bay. Here you will find a caravan selling oysters that are freshly shucked and that have only been out of the water for a very short time. You buy some oysters then sit at a table on the dunes, relax and enjoy the briny gems while looking over the waters from which they were plucked.
It is well worth the detour.
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