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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 407 192 699
Address: 667 Brinktop Road
Penna, Tasmania, 7171
Country: Australia

Rocky Top Farm is a certified organic producer of high quality heirloom vegetables at Penna in Tasmania's south in between Richmond and Penna. The farm takes adavantage of rich clay soils derived from the Jurassic dolerite which is widespread in central Tasmania. Approximately 2 hectares are given over to vegetable production.
The farm is owned and run by Tony Scherer who has had a long involvement in organic agriculture since he first became involved with farmers markets in Santa Cruz over forty years ago.
We especially love the fabulous garlic produced here which the farm is famous for. However we also love the other vegetables that are grown here such as pink eye potatoes, eggplants, pumkins of various vrieties, radishes and Japanese turnis to name but a few.
Tony Scherer supplies some of the top restaurants in Hobart including Franklin and Dier Makr.
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