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Open: Mon - Sat 6pm till late

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +81 3 3406 2207
Address: Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 4-2-14
Country: Japan

Bunon is a lively restaurant and wine bar in the Nishi-Azabu district of Tokyo serving excellent food where the fish is brought in fresh from the daily markets and many of the vegetables are grown on their own farm.
They not only serve great food here, but they are open quite late for people wanting to enjoy the excellent range of natural wines (from Japan, Europe and Australia) and one of the best sake selections in town.
As an aside, the two Japanese characters that form the word Bunon are the characters for grape and drink so it is clear that this is a place for drinking wine. And as for the type of wine, this is confirmed as soon as you enter and see the iconic "épaulé jeté" poster by Michel Tolmer.
The food menu is only written in Japanese but most of the staff speak English and some speak French, so we recommend that the best approach here is to ask them to feed you. We have never had a dish we haven't loved.
We have thoroughly enjoyed a dish of oysters and braised cabbage a couple of times here and in the depths of winter it is a very appropriate offering. We have also (once again in winter) been offered the beloved dish called shirako - the sperm sack of the male sea bass which has the texture of sweetbreads.
We also thoroughly loved a dish we have enjoyed twice here of raw shark heart with a sesame-based dressing and topped with chopped asatsuki which is a variety of chive found in Japan. And another extraordinary dish was all about texture - so surprising, more like a vegetable than protein. Sunfish intestines and stir-fried bitter melon.
Their wine selection is one of the best in a city that is obsessed with natural wines. We come back time and again because they always have difficult-to-find wines on their list whether it be the increasingly rare Overnoy wines from the Jura, those of Alain Castex from Roussillon or those of Jean-Marc Brignot who also makes wines in the Jura and elsewhere.
This is an amazing restaurant providing an amazing service to customers.

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