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Huon Valley Meat Co
Food store
Open: Mon - Fri and Sat till 2pm

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6234 4538
Address: 89 Goulburn St
West Hobart, Tasmania
Country: Australia

Huon Valley Meat Co is the bright butcher shop in West Hobart with their trademark lambs hanging in the window. It is run by young entrepeneur James Lord who also runs the organically certified Cradoc Abattoirs and the new venue allows him to fully use the animals that he slaughters there. It is a welcome addition to the Hobart food scene.
When you walk in you will notice the old, restored Berkel slicer in pride of place as well as two old butcher's blocks with their trademark indents from constant use in years gone by.
The meat display is always full with many of the normal cuts as well as other offerings such as charcuterie, lamb hearts, lamb kidneys and sausages. Also in the lineup are the dry-cured bacon and the dry-cured smoked bacon from Pialligo Estate in the ACT. These are particularly good products, as are the choizo and bosquito products from La Boqueria in NSW.
The pork on display here is supplied by Phil Outtram's Long Name Farm at Little Swanport on Tasmania's beautiful East Coast where he rears heritage breed pigs such as Wessex Saddleback, Berkshire and Tamworth breeds.
Lately we have seen the wonderful cultured butter from the Tasmanian Butter Company, eggs from Mountain to Mouth (a free range producer in the Derwent Valley - 800 hens per hectare maximum) as well as the 2Cow milk products from Cygnet.
It is well worth a visit.
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