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Open: Lunch Mon - Fri
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 42 96 10 64
Address: 15 rue Saint-Augustin
Paris, 75002
Country: France

Grillé is the brainchild of Frédéric Peneau who has set up a corner outlet not too far from the Bourse in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris to serve the best kebabs in that city. And why are they the best?
Well, the flatbreads are cooked to order from the best organic flour. The meat is the best available and sourced from legendary butcher Hugo Desnoyer. The tasty herbs which kick the kebabs up another level come from Annie Bertin from Fougeres who used to supply the crazily popular Bones restaurant run by James Henry.
But, be warned, you might have to wait for between ten and thirty minutes because this place is very popular. However, it is certainly worth the wait. You have to line up and order and pay when you reach the cash register. When your order is ready everything is placed in a carry bag and you can then either take it away or eat in.
We were very impressed by the texture of the spelt flatbreads, slightly chewy, lots of flavour and a perfect vehicle for soaking up the juices flowing from the meat and the sauce inside. The meat was excellent and there was enough to allow us to appreciate the flavours without it crowding out the perfect flavour of the sauces and the herbs. As an aside, we didn't expect too much meat in a kebab that costs less than 10 euros when it is sourced from Desnoyer.
We should also mention the sauces used inside the kebabs. You can choose Sauce Blanche made from fromage blanc and horseradish, Sauce Verte which is made from green tomatoes, green peppers and sweet onions (our favourite) and Sauce Petits Pois made from peas, herbs and spices.
To accompany the kebab we ordered two bottles of Gallia lager that is brewed in Paris. This turned out to be a very well-made beer with a pleasing bitterness (30 units on the European Bitterness Units scale so the label helpfully informed us!) and a full, round flavour helped by the use of Alsace hops of the Strisselspalt variety.
There are a small number of tables outside but they are very popular, so it is best to arrive right on 12 o'clock when the doors swing open. There are also four or five seats at the counter inside.
We are entranced with this venue and shall certainly return next time we are in Paris.

Grillé near the Bourse

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