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Open: Breakfast and lunch daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 7 3852 6734
Address: 77 Grey Street
South Brisbane, Queensland, 4101
Country: Australia

Gauge is one of our favourite breakfast places in Australia. Tucked away across the river from the CBD, this popular restaurant seems to tick all of the boxes. The coffee is excellent, the food is seriously good and the staff are efficient, friendly and incredibly enthusiastic about what they are doing.
The coffee was very good. We had a couple of espresso coffees each and they provided the required kick to get us started before a drive to Byron Bay.
A dish of smoked kingfish, spiced pearl barley, a soft egg and parsley was a riff on the famous dish kedgeree which we have long been fascinated about.
Our other breakfast dish was cucumber kimchi, seeded bread, soft egg, cured pork cheek, skyr and confit heirloom tomatoes.
We didn't know what to expect about this dish because the components sounded so disparate. However we had to have it!
We were very excited to see Skyr as a component of this dish. Recently we spent a couple of years working with two software developers from Iceland and they often spoke about this thick yoghurt made from skim milk and a special bacterial culture found only in Iceland.
But how would this yoghurt derived from an Icelandic recipe team with Korean kimchi and Italian-influenced cured meat.
The components all seemed to blend in perfectly. Each complemented the other to form a very satisfying and complete dish.
The other dish that is a must-try here is the black garlic bread with brown butter and burnt vanilla. The black garlic is a good example of a transformational product that takes the original way past what its purpose originally was. The process of producing black garlic takes about 40 days of transformation and the end product is a flexible and ethereal product that has a myriad of uses.
This is a place we will try again and again on our visits to Brisbane because it perfectly captures what hospitality is all about!
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