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Le Chameau Ivre
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 4 67 80 20 20
Address: 15, place Jean-Jaures
Beziers, 34500
Country: France

Le Chameau Ivre in the Languedoc city of Beziers has a wide range of natural wines as well as serving some very interesting food.
The food concentrates on local seafood, meats and cheeses with plenty of choice for hungry diners.
The wines are all natural and fill every nook and cranny in the restaurant. Producers you are likely to find showcased here include Mylene Bru, Auguste Clape of Vin des Amis, Causse Marines from Gaillac, Domaine Rimbert from Saint Chinian and Domaine des Hautes Terres from Limoux among many, many more.

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