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Lerouge aux lèvres
Wine store
La Rochelle
Open: Tue - Sat

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 5 46 50 08 17
Address: 4 rue des Cloutiers
La Rochelle, 17000
Country: France

Lerouge aux lèvres is a cave a manger (bottleshop and bar) in La Rochelle on France's west coast, just above Bordeaux, which specialises in natural wines.
They have wines from Thierry Michon of Domaine St Nicolas in the Fiefs Vendeens, the lovely Lady Chasselas from Mylene Bru in the Languedoc, the Champagne of Roland Piollot and the Melon de Bourgogne from Domaine de la Cadette in Vezelay to name just a few.
They also serve food here as well, so it is a good place to drop in for a snack and a glass or two of wine.

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