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Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory
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Tasmania country
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 499 888 544
Address: 9 Conservatory Rd
Sassafras, Tasmania, 7307
Country: Australia

The Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory is a serene, comfortable venue serving the best of Tasmania's organic produce both in the form of very tasty lunches and takeaway products. There are shared tables in the centre of the room and smaller tables as well as a number of outside options if the weather is kind. It is also the perfect venue to stop for a coffee (which is very good) or a cup of tea to go with one of their moist cakes.
Lunch here is the perfect option. The food represents some of the tastiest lunch time options available in the state. We thoroughly enjoyed a dish of hearty cream of mushroom soup served with garlic scape salt crumb and a piece of A Piece Bakery sourdough bread and lashings of Meander Valley butter. We also thought that the flavour of the chicken and leek pot pie with a sour cream pastry top was absolutely spot on!
You can also buy from a range of Tasmanian products here including those from Meander Valley Dairy, Willie Smith's Cider, Pollen Teas, Twelve Acre Wood honey, Seven Sheds beers and Mathom Farm to name just a few.
Lately we have seen the wonderful cultured butter from the Tasmanian Butter Company on the shelves here.

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