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Le Siffleur de Ballons
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Open: Lunch and dinner Tue - Sat

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 1 58 51 14 04
Address: 34 rue de Citeaux
Paris, 75011
Country: France

Le Siffleur de Ballons is a cave a manger and epicerie in the trendy 11th arrondissement of Paris serving an exciting array of natural wines from throughout France.
On their list you will find many of the interesting natural winesof France including the precise Champagnes of Franck Pascal, the charming Isadora from Jolly Ferriol in Roussillon, the compelling sparkling wine called Fetambulles from Loire superstar Jean-Pierre Robinot and the amazing Sancerre wines from Riffault to name just a few.

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