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NORA Heart
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Open: Breakfast and lunch Tue - Thu, Sat - Sun
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 9041 8644
Address: 156 Elgin St
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
Country: Australia

NORA serves interesting Thai-influenced food in a bright, cheerful and colourful space in Carlton. The food is also bright, cheerful and colourful and the ingredients are carefully sourced and very fresh. The thoughtful dishes usually carry a message and are very carefully crafted.
Recently they changed from being a daytime café to an evening diner with more serious food and wine offerings.
So we went along to try the dinner menu recently and were totally impressed by the dishes we were served. We are not going to list the dishes because the element of surprise is important. Each was matched with a carefully chosen beverage ranging from a complex fruit-based non-alcoholic concoction through to interesting wines, spirits and two delicious sakes.
However, we will tell you about one of the dishes just so you can see why we got excited about our meal. Fermented red cabbage, pork, shitake, black and white pepper, coriander, sea eel and spring onion oil was a masterclass in balance but not just the food - the beverage pairings, the music are all part of the package.
We expected to enjoy it after having several good breakfasts in its former life and then meeting the team when they became customers for our wine business but it surpassed every expectation. More later.
It was a most interesting and rewarding evening.


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