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Open: Lunch Sat, dinner Tue - Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 435 940 884
Address: 60 Bayswater Rd
Rushcutters Bay, New South Wales, 2011
Country: Australia

ACME in Sydney has settled into a groove, with four industry stalwarts having created an energetic space encompassing great service, perfectly cooked food and nervy, interesting wines. They specialise in Italian-inspired dishes but don't call themselves an Italian restaurant. The pasta here is sublime as is everything else they serve.
First the name. It is derived from the first letter of each of the owners, Andy Emerson, Cam Fairbairn, Mitch Orr the chef and Ed Loveday.
There have been so many good dishes here ranging from a delicious rockmelon and prosciutto snack to a stunning arancini with fontina and peppers, a silky mortadella that formed the basis of a baloney sandwich, asparagus with the brown butter sauce that was an almost savoury dulche de leche, a dish of linguine, black garlic and burnt chilli, and a dish of toast, semi-dried tomato as you've never had before, and shaved cuttlefish!
However, it is possible that he ultimate go to dish at ACME is chef Mitch Orr's macaroni with pigs head and egg yolk. This creamy mass of deliciousness is just packed with flavour.
We look forward to further visits in the future!


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