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Les Buvards Heart
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Open: Dinner until late Mon - Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 4 91 90 69 98
Address: 34 Grand Rue
Marseille, 13002
Country: France

Les Buvards in Marseille is both a wine shop and a place where you can order dinner to eat inside or on one of the front tables that spill out into the rather misnamed street that is behind the Vieux Port. You can also simply order a glass of wine to enjoy. The wine list is impressive and all natural. They even have a selection of past vintages of some of the more interesting wines.
The name is a play on words that the younger, iPhone generation may not appreciate. In the days when runny ink was used for writing, rather than the Notes app on the iPhone, a blotting paper was used to remove excess ink from the page so that 'blots' would not appear from the overuse of ink. A blotting paper soaked up excess ink. Papier buvard is the name for this blotting paper. Hence the joke. Instead of ink you come here to soak up alcohol!
On our most recent visit we were able to buy a bottle of the excellent Pierre Overnoy Chardonnay Savagnin blend from the year 1998!
There are usually four whites and four reds by the glass and you can feel confident about ordering any of them. On another visit we had the four whites and one of the reds and they were all excellent.
You can be sure that they will have firm favourites such as Herve Villemade's wines from Cheverny and the excellent pet nats from Les Capriades of Pascale Potaire or maybe a wine from young Languedoc producer Olivier Cohen.

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