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Open: Lunch Tue - Fri, dinner Thu - Fri
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 4 73 34 30 41
Address: 4, rue St Eutrope
Clermont-Ferrand, 63000
Country: France

Le Saint Eutrope is one of the best value restaurants serving quality food outside Paris. The quality of the ingredients is exceptional, the skill of the chef is outstanding and the breadth and value of the natural wine list makes it one that we often make a journey for!
The restaurant is quite unassuming and is in a side street away from the tourist traps that dominate the centre square of this large town.
The greeting is warm when you enter the restaurant and the first surprise after being seated and perusing the blackboard menu is just how incredibly reasonable the offerings are. When you are presented with the wine list you get the same feeling. This is one of the best selections of natural wines that you will find outside Paris, yet the prices are also very fair and reasonable.
It took us ages to decide which wines we would order because we wanted every bottle as we perused page after page after page of our favourites.
We decided to let the chef feed us and we were very glad we did because we were presented with 6 courses of absolutely exemplary food. We won't even tell you how little it cost otherwise you might weep!
And now to the meal itself.

Delicate charcuterie

The first course was a plate of charcuterie consisting of two styles of thinly sliced jamon, some pancetta that was almost approaching lardo, some excellent spicy salami and, on the side, a jar of cornichons and pickled onions. A great start to the meal.

Fig and tomato salad

The next dish not only looked sensational it relied on presenting the freshest possible ingredients to ensure that the flavours were sensational. This was a dish of slices of freshly picked tomatoes and figs bathed in excellent olive oil and studded with freshly made cheese. The taste of this dish was memorable and we wish more restaurants would aim for the simplicity of a dish such as this by sourcing the best produce they can find.

Poule au pot

A small protein dish was next. This was a cut down version of the Poule au Pot from the main menu. Beautifully cooked moist chicken was served with fresh vegetables and light cooking juices. This was cooking at its best!

Roast pigeon and potatoes

Another protein-based dish consisted of perfectly roasted pigeon accompanied by potatoes Dauphinois, mushrooms and tasty greens. We accompanied this with a Pinot Noir from the master Bruno Scheuller!

A selection of cheeses

And, of course, no meal in France would be complete without a plate of cheese. These were aged to perfection.

Prune tart served with ice cream

A perfect prune tart served with ice cream was a great end to an excellent meal!


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