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Puccini Bomboni Heart
Food store
Open: Tues - Sat

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +31 20 626 54 74
Address: Staalstraat 17
Amsterdam, Nieuwmarket
Country: Netherlands
Food Style: Food store - chocolate

If you love chocolates you will love Puccini Bomboni. We don't know about the name - we think it might be related to the fact that it is not all that far from the Opera House!
We were also amazed to find that the chocolates are made without sugar and without butter and yet they have a smooth silkiness that suggests these ingredients.
If you are ever in Amsterdam then we strongly suggest that you cross the canal from the 'red light' district and seek out this lovely store. We did and we were delighted with the many samples that we brought back with us.
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