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Open: Daily from 11am
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 9650 8688
Address: 180 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
Country: Australia

Supernormal is the latest Andrew McConnell CBD restaurant and this one concentrates on Asian flavours particularly Japanese, Korean and Chinese food with a Japanese aesthetic. You can drop into the large, ground-floor canteen-like space for a drink and a snack or for an epic meal with wine and sake.
As you approach the building you will see the restaurant through the large windows. A bar area runs down one side which also houses the open kitchen where you can watch the always-focussed chefs turning out dish after beautiful dish for the expectant diners. Wait staff move easily through the large room checking tables, taking drink orders and delivering dishes with an easy familiarity and an underlying smart professionalism.
The lobster rolls have made the journey from St Kilda to the CBD as Golden Fields has made way for Luxembourg. The menu is studded with dumplings and bao to get you started and there are large bowl of ramen which are ideal for a quick lunch. There are also small snacks such as the house kimchi and the rice cakes with chilli and sesame. There is always a good selection of very fresh oysters, raw ama ebi prawns served with togarashi and a delightful snack of seaweed crackers served with raw sea urchin.
As you get further down the menu the dishes start to get larger and you can share some substantial fare such as whole roasted snapper or pulled Korean BBQ pork shoulder with saam jang sauce.
The drinks list is extensive and varied, ranging from Asian beers to cocktails with an Asian twist to some first rate nama sake to wines from Australia, France, Austria, Germany and beyond.
We have eaten here twice since it opened and have enjoyed every mouthful we have tried. It is a welcome addition to the Melbourne dining scene.
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