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Mt Roland Free Range Eggs
Tasmania country

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 499 981 807
Address: 11 Staverton Rd
Roland, Tasmania, 7306
Country: Australia

Mt Roland Free Range Eggs is a true free range egg producer in the beautiful area close to Mt Roland in Tasmania's North West Coast. We say they are a true producer because many eggs labelled as free range do not qualify, as the hens never get to roam outside. These hens do feel the grass beneath their feet! The stocking density is a low 1000 hens per hectare which is very good by national standards.
They sell their eggs at the Turners Beach Farmers Market, at the Ashgrove Cheese store in Elizabeth Town, at Kings Feast and La Barista in Ulverstone, the Tasmanian Farm shop in Sheffield, Milkbar in Launceston and at the Little Red Tractor Farmers Market in Deloraine.
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