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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 6268 0063
Address: Brighton, Tasmania
Country: Australia

Weston Farm is run by Richard and Belinda Weston at Brighton in southern Tasmania. They are also the owners of the famous Pigeon Hole Café where much of their produce is used to good effect by the chef.
They farm using biodynamic principles and produce a large range of fruit and vegetables as well as maintaining a significant olive grove for making extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio olives which they market under the Weston Farm Produce brand.
The 2015 release of this incredibly fresh and vibrant oil marks a high point for this product. The oil was released at the same time as some incredibly beautiful Tasmanian truffles came on the market which alowed us to reprise a Provencal recipe for winter celery salad, which involves using the white hearts of fresh celery tossed in a sauce of anchovies mashed in the new season's olive oil and topped with lashings of shaved, fresh truffles.
Another relatively new product from Weston Farm are jars of Sweet Paprika and Smoked Paprika that are very fresh and very tasty. These products are perfect for braised dishes where the paprika can be added during the late frying stage just before the braising liquid is added thus producing a richer, deeper flavour to the overall dish.
More recently Richard and Belinda have planted white asparagus which is now reaching the production phase. We look forward to trying this relatively rare product when it becomes available.
There are even pigs and chickens on the farm as well.

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