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Open: Lunch and dinner daily
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 3 9866 8569
Address: 11 Toorak Road
South Yarra, Victoria
Country: Australia
Food Style: French

France Soir in South Yarra, Mebourne is one of those excellent restaurants where we always feel comfortable. We have been enjoying the food and service here for many years, but some friends of ours who treat it as a local canteen had been urging us to meet them for dinner more often. They helped us to realise just how good this place is!
The service staff are helpful, humorous and highly efficient. The menu remains constant but the daily specials provide variety for the regulars. There is a daily risotto, a fish dish, a rabbit dish and something done with chicken.
We have so many favourite dishes here. The andouillettes that are served as an entrée are one of the best examples of the kind that you will find anywhere in the country.
If you like tripe then try one of our favourite dishes - the entrée of tripe cooked in riesling. It is wonderful!
We find it hard to avoid ordering the steak tartare for main course. If there was a competition for the best steak tartare in the country we are sure that France Soir would be the ultimate prize winner. Order it mild, medium or spicy depending on your preference. If you prefer your steak cooked then try the Cote de boeuf made with Hopkins River beef - great flavour!
The wine list here is also one of the finest in the country. Page after page of top class wine makes it difficult to choose. It is just so difficult choosing between some of Australia's top chardonnays and pinot noirs as opposed to a great premier cru Burgundy or a natural wine from the Jura or Beaujolais. Decisions, decisions!
This delightful, unpretentious bistro is always packed with regulars - one of the greatest accolades for any restaurant. It is one of the establishments that we can unreservedly recommend.

Disclaimer: Through an associated business, we import natural wines to Australia and are now supplying this establishment with some lines.

A description of the wines we are importing can be found here:

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