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Wuyi Tea Art Centre Heart
Food store
George Town

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +604 262 1315
Address: 83 Lebuh Campbell
George Town, Penang, 10100
Country: Malaysia

The Wuyi Tea Art Centre in George town, Penang is a fairy land for those who seek out the best Pu Erh teas available. There is a direct relationaship between the owner of this tea import business and tea store and the growers in China. Each year he travels to China for the oicking season to ensure that he sources only the best quaity, organic produce. You can buy a range of Pu Erh styles here ranging from young, fresh green Pu Erh to cakes that are over 20 years old.
We first became addicted to this dark, brooding tea almost thirty years ago when it was offered to us as an accompaniment to a very long Chinese meal at the Bamboo House in Melbourne. The then owner, Robert Wong, asured us that it was perfect for digestion and that the dark colour did not mean that it was tannic and bitter. He was right. It is a smooth, satisfying drink that aids digestion and stimulates the appetite.
It bears many similarities to good wine in that it varies markedly with soil type, cliate and the age of the tress from which it is picked. It is well worth seeking out.

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