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Cave au Vin Vivant
Wine store
Open: Dinner daily, lunch Tue - Sun
Price: Moderate

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 9 67 27 82 05
Address: 6 rue Andre Portes
Sete, 34200
Country: France

Cave au Vin Vivant is a natural wine bar in the coastal town of Sete in the Languedoc in southern France.
On a recent trip to this area we tried a Picpoul de Pinot white wine made in the area by an organic producer and found it to be quite delicious and an excellent accompaniment to the local seafood. Picpoul is an underrated grape variety that has both white and red expressions like so many other grapes (Grenache and Carignan are other local varieties that have both) but it has suffered due to overcropping and bad vineyard and winery practices, but should see a comeback in the near future. The white variety of Picpoul is always used for Picpoul de Pinet.
It is also fitting that they stock the white wine from Mylene Bru called Lady Chasselas as she lives in Sete.
The food here is quite simple but also quite delicious. We tried some oysters that were shucked to order and the briny juices left in the shell so that the oysters sang of the sea. They also serve platters of charcuterie and cheese and provide a simple dessert so beloved in the south of France of fresh organic goat cheese with a topping of local confiture.
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