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Au Fil du Vin Libre
Wine store
Location: 48.580767,7.753984
Open: Mon - Sat

Reviewed By

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 3 88 35 12 09
Address: 26, Quai des Bateliers
Strasbourg, 67000
Country: France

Au Fil du Vin Libre is a natural wine store in the Alsace city of Strasbourg. This is a very serious store with a stellar line up of the stars of the natural wine world. Walk in here and you will see wines from local luminaries such as Pierre Frick, Audrey and Christian Binner as well as Domaine Julien Meyer. From further afield they stock the wines of Domaine de la Cadette in Vezelay, Nicolas Vauthier from Irancy, Michel Guignier from Fleurie, l'Octavin from Arbois in the Jura, Nicolas Carmarans from the Aveyron and Axel Prufer from the Languedoc.
Walk into the second room and you will find row after row of boxes stacked four or five high. This is a room groaning under the weight of one of the best selections of natural wine in France.
The owner is both knowledgeable and engaging. If you are uncertain what to buy, tell him the style of wine that you like and he will be able to suggest wines from his vast collection that should appeal to you.
This is a carefully selected collection of wine and certainly worth visiting if you are in Strasbourg.

The sign outside Au Fil du Vin Libre, Strasbourg

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