Le Garage a Vins | Natural wine store | Le Pouliguen | Nantes | France

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Le Garage a Vins
Wine store

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: 20 Boulevard de l'Atlantique
Le Pouliguen
Country: France

Le Garage a Vins is a natural wine store in the town of Le Pouliguen which lies on the Atlantic Coast close to the city of Nantes.
They have a good selection of natural wines from the nearby area including those of Bossard and Pesnot but also have good examples of natural wines from throughout the country with Tissot and Bornard rperesented from the Jura, Bedel and Laherte from Champagne, Foillard from Beaujolais and Clos Fantine from the Languedoc.

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