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Wine Not
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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 2 41 48 15 09
Address: 9 avenue G?ral Patton
Angers, 49100
Country: France

Wine Not is a hidden treasue trove of natural wines in Angers, France hidden in behind the Parc de Balzac. Their list of producers reads like a who's who of the natural wine world. Obviously since it's in Angers names such as Rene Mosse and Toby Bainbridge appear but so do others from nearby such as Domaine du Petit Clocher, Domaine Philippe Delesvaux, La Grange aux Belles, Domaine de Bablut and Herbel.
But they are not solely focussed on the Loire with Fanny Sabre, Dominique Derain, Domaine Trapet and Thomas Pico from Burgundy a plethora of South West producers including Jonc-Blanc from Bergerac and Elian de Ros from Cotes du Marmandais along with Plageoles from Gaillac.
The Jura is well-represented with superstars such as Puffeney, Houillon, Ganevat and Bornard in the line up.
And so the list goes on. If you are at all interested in the natural wine movement this is a must-visit store in one of the epicentres of the movement.
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