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Cave de Trinquetaille
Wine store
Open: Tue - Sat

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 4 90 96 64 34
Address: 8 Avenue de la Gare Maritime
Arles, 13200
Country: France

Cave de Trinquetaille is a natural wine store in the southern city of Arles in France. While the entire selection cannot be classified as natural, many of the stars of the natural wine movement are represented here. You will find nearby producers such as Henri Milan and Chateau Simone and then others from throughout France such as Attabucci, Causse Marines, Gahier, Ganevat, Julie Peyras, Axel Prufer, Clos Fantine, Myléne Bru, Guy Breton and even the wonderful natural Champagnes of Jacques Sellosse. It is certainly a place that is worth checking out.
They even stock some Camargue wines such as those of Domaine Isle Saint Pierre and Domaine de Beaujeu.
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