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Open: Drinks and dinner Mon - Sat, lunch Fri - Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 2 9360 3310
Address: 10 William St
Paddington, New South Wales, 2021
Country: Australia

10 William Street is one of the most enticing wine bars in Sydney. The space is tight, the walls are painted white and the menu is brief but signals that you can snack for a while or settle in for an enjoyable evening.
The wine list is eclectic ranging from the safe, such as the wines of Thierry Michon or the amazing Chablis wines of Alice and Olivier de Moor, to more unconventional Italian offerings including a number of orange wines. The place is under the watchful eye of sommelier and manager Matt Young who has an uncanny ability to produce exactly the right wine at the right time.
The food here is turned out by the Pinbone team who have taken over the kitchens recently. We have always loved their food, so much so that we once agreed to cook a meal for their clients at their former restaurant!
10 William St is a favourite haunt.

Disclaimer: Through an associated business, we import natural wines to Australia and are now supplying this establishment with some lines.

A description of the wines we are importing can be found here:



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