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Vis aan de Schelde
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Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: 20 675 1583
Address: Scheldeplein 4 (opposite RAI)
Country: Netherlands
Food Style: Seafood

The RAI is one of those sprawling, soulless convention centres that blight the peripheries of many cities. However in the case of Amsterdam they at least chose to site it in an area where there are some good restaurants and food shops.
Vis aan de Schelde is one of the very best fish restaurants in the city. We have tried a very good piece of flash grilled tuna that was still perfectly raw in the middle and served on brussel sprout and potato mash and dotted with crumbed sweetbread pieces and a rather too-strong tomato reduction. Another dish of sautéed sea bass was accompanied by stunning fritters of sauerkraut and grilled oyster mushrooms with a duck liver sauce. This was a very good dish with the fish cooked perfectly and the fritters packed with flavour.
The service is very pleasant.
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