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Open: Lunch Sat - Sun, dinner Wed - Sat
Price: Moderate

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +61 2 9572 6666
Address: 83 Percival Rd
Stanmore, New South Wales, 2048
Country: Australia

Sixpenny is definitely worth the short train ride from the centre of Sydney to the inner west suburb of Stanmore. It doesn't take very long (9 minutes on our most recent trip) but the benefits are clear once you walk the short distance from the train station to this charming, tiny, corner establishment. Here chef Daniel Puskas weaves magic with the very best of ingredients.
When you walk into this small but inviting space you will notice a clever design that brings back memories of Scandinavian restaurants such as NOMA, Relae and the now-closed Trio. The central serving station provides a focus and the unclothed tables are spaced far enough apart to enjoy private conversations. An eclectic mix of music provides entertainment but never intrudes.
The greeting is warm and professional and the wait staff soon explain the degustation-only menu setup.
A small array of snacks soon appear served by one of the many chefs who display pride in the dish they are offering.
Then a dish guaranteed to convert anyone suspicious of the culinary value of raw mushrooms. Potatoes, oyster emulsion, raw mushrooms sprinkled with umami-laden mushroom powder combined to form a perfect dish of great flavour and perfect textural contrasts. This is the sort of dish that you simply remember forever!
Among the cavalcade of stunning flavours was duck smoked with hickory and glazed with poor man's orange sauce and witlof for bitterness. It's a testament to a great meal when the last of 6 savoury courses hasn't broken you.
At another meal the cavalcade of flavours and textures was equally memorable. We surfed our way through dishes that included a snack of cucumber with raspberry powder, a gougere with cheese and grated green pickled tomato, beetroot cooked in spices and pigs blood with toasted cream and peeled pickled blueberries topped with lovage, potato poached in rye butter with mushroom powder, mushrooms and oyster emulsion and an apparently simple looking pasta dish dressed with pepper and Parmesan which tasted absolutely delicious.

Disclaimer: Through an associated business, we import natural wines to Australia and are now supplying this establishment with some lines.

A description of the wines we are importing can be found here:

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