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O Vins d'Anges
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Open: Tue - Sat
Price: Low

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Phone Number: +33 9 51 88 20 99
Address: 2 place Bertone
Lyon, 69004
Country: France

O Vins d'Anges in Lyon, France is both a wine store and a 'cave a manger' where you can order simple dishes such as charcuterie and cheese supplied by some excellent producers. The natural wine selection arranged around the walls is an exciting representation of the best of the French natural wine community.
The food is simple yet very tasty. Dishes such as bresaola of tuna from Sicily, a plate of burrata, anchovies from Sicily, a plate of charcuterie or sardines served with Bordier butter are the type of food you can expect to be served. With dishes such as this you can order any bottle from the shelves and drink it for a modest mark up.
And the range of bottles is impressive. Maybe you might to start with the pet nat from Bruno Rochard from the Loire called Grains de Folie or a Saint-Romain from Domaine Renaud Boyer or the Moulin a Vent from Michel Guignier called La Petite Oseille or any of the dozens of other choices that are there to tempt you.
Another nice feature of this venue is the music. On the most recent visit we were delighted to listen to a jazz selection that reminded us of the times we have spent in New Orleans.
It is certainly worth catching the train to this pleasant venue next time you are in Lyon!

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