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Cave Saint Aubin
Wine store

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane
Address: 25 rue Saint Aubin
Country: France

Cave Saint Aubin shows that you have to be ever vigilant when tracking down natural wines. We have visited Angers many times and have enjoyed the city because it is surrounded by producers of natural wine such as the Carrogets from Domaine de la Paonnerie, Rene and Agnes Mosse, Nicolas Joly and many more.
However it took us many visits to find Cave Saint Aubin, a tiny cave on rue Saint Aubin.
We were amazed when we walked in and were presented with an array of natural wine luminaries such as Fanny Sabre, Casot des Mailloles, La Ferme des Caudalies, Alexander Bain, Bruno Rochard and Domaine Marechal among many others.
The owner is very helpful and eager to explain as much as you want to know about each producer.
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